Loveman Steel and fabrication specializes not only in building new tundishes, but also repairing and improving customers designs on their existing tundishes based on their needs. Our skilled fabrication team has built and repaired tundishes for the steel making industry throughout North America.

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In the Steel making process one of the functions of the Tundish is to act as a reservoir between the ladle and the mould that distributes the liquid into the moulds while controlling the casting speed and allowing the ladles to be changed without interrupting the continuous casting of product. Additionally, the tundish is not only a vessel that holds the liquid steel, but it is also frequently used in the metallurgical process to improve control of the steel cleanliness, composition, and temperature.

The sizes of tundishes can vary greatly depending on the steel making process and end product they are being used to produce, virtually all tundishes use either a slide gate or stopper rods to control flow of the metal while casting.