Steel Plate capabilities

Steel plate capabilities

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SA-516 Grade 60 and 70 Normalized Plate

.375” to 14” thick x 96” to 120” wide x 300” to 480” long


SA-516 Grade 70 As Rolled Plate

.1875” to 1.50” thick x 96” wide x 480” long .1875” to 1.50” thick x 120” wide x 480” long .375” to 1.25” thick x 144” wide x 480” long


SA-516 Grade 70 Normalized & Charpy Tested

.375” to 4” thick x 96” to 120” wide x 170” to 480” long


SA-285 Grade C

.1875” to 2” thick


A36 / Mild Steel

.1875” to 20” thick


304/304L & 316/316L (Stainless)

.1875” to 3” thick


A572 High Strength / Low Alloy

.1875” to 6” thick


A588 High Strength / Low Alloy

.1875” to 4” thick


A514 High Yield Strength

.25” to 6” thick


A517 High Yield Pressure Vessel

.25” to 6”


A612 Pressure Vessel / Low Temperature

.1875” to 1” thick


AR200 to AR500 Formable

.25” to 4”


Nickel & Cobalt Alloys: These materials are designed to provide unique strength and/or corrosion properties at elevated temperatures. Major attributes include properties such as high strength, high creep resistance, resistance to softening, or resistance to metals loss at high temperature from oxidation, sulfidation, or carburization. Nickel content ranges from approximately 25% to 60%, with critical amounts of chromium, molybdenum, columbium and titanium.

Titanium: The combination of high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance makes titanium the best material choice for many critical applications. Today, titanium alloys are used for demanding applications such as static and rotating gas turbine engine components. Some of the most critical and highly-stressed civilian and military airframe parts are made of these alloys.

Stainless Steel: Grades of steel with more than 10% chromium and often with other alloying elements to resist corrosion, vary strength characteristics, and facilitate fabrication into parts.

Structual Steel: Are pieces of steel that are put together to make different structures that are usually predefined in size and shapes.

Heavy Steel Plate fabrications